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Holy Son of Mogh Batman! Look At Those Milestones!

October 10th, 2021

Tonight on the show, we break down what we NOW know about the path to Worf. It's not quite as easy as we had hoped it would be, but there's still a path. Enough bonus shards have also been given for you to be able to potentially SKIP a milestone in a future event, especially if the material spend was high enough to give some players fits. Value wise, does the event make sense? Plus, WHAT IS OFFICER POWER? An event was modified over the weekend due to a technical glitch, but even then, players misunderstood the actual mechanic of officer power. We will break that down for you and give you some math on WHY XP was the least effective form of scoring in this weekends power events. All this and much more! Please share with your team, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show! 

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Duality Arc Launch Smooth as Silk? Early G5 Reaction

October 6th, 2021

Today was the most excited some players have been in over a year. The introduction of G5 finally arrived and despite most players not getting there for a very long time if ever, it was exciting to see what's over the horizon. Plus, the arc itself launched with so much positivity, it was a joyous day. From officer sourcing, to photon tokens, to simplicity with events, players are feeling very happy with this new season. Let's break it all down and hear from the players! Please share with your team, subscribe to our channels, and ENJOY the listen!

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