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LCARS 2.0 Launches New CUSTOM Prime Scrap Calculator

January 31st, 2021

Hello Galaxy! Tonight we had a special guest in the studio to present a new intuitive tool allowing players to more easily plan their progression. Fellow Official Content Creator Fartasia is with us to discuss his new innovation, and how it came to be. The file is downloadable in our discord (link available from our website below) to download this new tool, or available directly in the LCARS 2.0 discord. This tool allows an easier planning process for the acquisition of next level materials, be it rares for primes, or even research. Listen for an in-depth analysis of the tool and how it can be utilized to help you plan and spend your hard earned resources and materials more efficiently. Plus some vague new insight into the next arc and our newest feature, the 5 min Community Q&A Blast! All this and more on today's show! Subscribe, share with your team, and ENJOY the show! 

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00:21:03 LCARS 2.0 Presents - Prime Mats Calculator
01:07:56 Funny Commercial Break
01:25:50 Peaks into Arc 2
01:52:50 Funny Commercial Break
02:02:03 Community Q&A Blast

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