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Battlepass Overflow for F2P? + How to Prepare for Auctions

January 27th, 2021

Last night was our first time together in a week, and 5nakeEyes did an amazing job at keeping DJz on task. Today, topics were discussed around HOW a F2P could possibly complete the Battlepass Overflow event. Was Scopely lying when we announced DURING the FIRST day of the arc that it could be done without spend? What are the requirements? Let's break down the math and see what we know, PLUS get the LATEST words DIRECTLY from Live Ops regarding Battlepass overflow. Plus, the second kirk and spock auctions are upcoming... only days away. Are you ready? How can you TRULY prepare as a f2p or minimal spend player, for an auction of this type? There are no guarantees, BUT, there are methods of planning that can HELP you determine your level of competition as we draw nearer to the designated dates. How many points can you score? With a little math and a roadmap, you can absolutely predetermine your score (not rank) in these auctions. Can you get enough shards to make your goal? We'll help you with some planning tips. 

FORTUNATELY, we got through the bulk of our content, cause after the meat and potatoes was done, the studio lost power. Power was restored several hours later and a closing was taped, but it was hoot n holler fun for those here live. See what ya miss? Join our discord, and find links to all things related to Talking Trek at

00:17:03 BattlePass Overflow - So far, events/points, yet to come
01:04:55 Commercial Break
01:08:39 Horcruxes in STFC
01:16:21 Arc 2 Sneak Peek
01:22:49 TOS Officer Discussion
01:31:13 How to Prepare for Auctions
02:07:00 final break
02:15:00 Community Q&A Blast

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