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When The Cats Away…

June 20th, 2021

DJz is on vacation this week, so bg and stevensaaron stepped up to put together a show for ya! Enjoy a rare opportunity at a one on one question and answer session with a level 50 bro. 

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Picard Auction Complaints Plus Excellent Events Week!

June 14th, 2021

Tonight we dive into the good and bad of the last several days. We began with the complaints and that segment was loud regarding the long term officer sourcing problem in the game coupled with the shallow depth of leaderboards for Ops 36+. However, we did actually come also to praise a SOLID week of events. Picard week plus the Officer Exchange Program offer some SIGNIFICANT value and true player choice, plus some CURRENT arc officer sourcing. Is Scopely experimenting with new plans for sourcing? We can hope, but also remain diligent on other officers, (Lorca, TOS) that are still on apparent lockdown. Plus, EXCLUSIVE info regarding the OEP Event store bundles, AND PICARD WEEK bundles. MUST HAVE info on this show, and we invite you to listen, share, and ENJOY the show! Please visit our website for links at


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