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Was Borg Better This Time? 4 Things You May Have Missed

October 31st, 2021

Happy Halloween! Always fun to be with you on air for a holiday! Tonight we briefly wrapped up on Trek or Treat, and discussed the snafu with the Ghost Hunter event regarding tetryons and feasibility. We quickly transitioned into Borg, and while LOTS of players find this an unpopular opinion, DJz actually found this event better than August's version. More importantly, 4 changes were identified that Scopely ACTUALLY modified, and most players didn't notice. We break down the roadmap again for players who missed the August episode, give you the ideal crews to use depending on the capabilities of your vidar, and talk about the future implications of the megacube events. Plus there was definitely some halloween talk, and DJz eats too many butterfingers, and may or may not have vomited live on the air. No, we didn't cut that out. Please share the show with your team IN TIME FOR Monday's Armada event, sub to our channels, and most of all, ENJOY the show!

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Trek or Treat Overview; Final Grades for Duality

October 27th, 2021

Tonight we tried to tackle too much. and time just didn't allow for all of it. But we did our best to give you the best overview we could of Trek or Treat, what will be required of the remaining events, and what we can expect to see for the rest of this week. IMPORTANT INFO for day 5 of the events contained within the first 30 minutes! PLUS we take a hard look at some of the biggest features of the month, including G5 introductions, officer sourcing mechanics, and cloaking! What was good? What was bad? and WHAT was the final grade issued for Duality? 
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