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TNG Arc 5 Final Grades Released!!!

September 29th, 2021

Karkun said it best when he said that the EXPECTATION of this arc was huge, and we may have felt that the community was going to negatively respond to our calls for a final grade. However, what we discovered was that there were two CLEAR sides of this arc, and some players responded very positively, while others were totally 100% disappointed. The pros and cons were discussed and DJz and crew find themselves ALSO split into two sides as final grades are doled out. This is a wild and emotional and passionate listen, and we invite you along for the ride! Please share with your teams, subscribe to our channels, and most importantly, ENJOY the show!

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Final Loot Count, Squares Event, Bracketing, And Multiphasics

September 26th, 2021

Today was the final day of the 5th month of TNG. And all the feedback, criticism, regrets, and next-to-dos came pouring onto our stage. This was a great show that really was quite diverse in its topics including, what could Scopely have done differently with TNG related content? How much loot did we get for a 5 month event store? What should you be doing with your loot? How hard was it to earn within leaderboards? And what are Multiphasic Credits? And why do they exist? It was an action packed 3 hours and were excited to have you on board with us to listen! Please share with your team, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show!

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