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Borg 0 for 3? What Went Wrong….. Again….

August 29th, 2021

Commanders! Welcome to the show! Today, we throw away ALL formats, abandon ALL fluff, and dive straight into urgent business at hand. Borg. Why did the community hate it? Did it deserve it? Why does Scopely continually mishandle one of ST's most prominent features? And CAN it be improved? Tonight's debate pulled the curtain back on the true mechanics, the true intents, and how YOU can avoid the confusion for the next run. Please sub to our channels, share with your teams, and enjoy the listen! Please visit our website at for more info! 

Ask The Pod: Exocomps, Repairs, Stacking Buffs, Meridian and MORE for Younger Players

August 25th, 2021

Today, we pushed the grading of our arc til Sunday, but decided to dive into a newer player's experience within the game today. Have questions? This was the show for you! We discuss new players in their teens and 20's and how things like Cosmic Cleanup, Exocomps, and Meridian are vastly more valuable to these players, and why some players are really digging the new mechanics of the game. Plus, hint towards upcoming content, stupid news, and a LITTLE bit of Podtalk in the new G4 ship bps pack. What's the intent there? We dive into all of it here! Enjoy the show, and please be sure to sub to our channels. Visit us online at


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