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Final Grades On TNG Arc 3 AND HINTS for Arc 4

July 28th, 2021

As expected, this episode draws tons of attention as it's the players last chance for that arc to voice concerns, frustrations, and praise for what was received during the arc. Your panel of dedicated players included BubbaJoe, BgCountry, Ripper, TruckinChick and DJz all providing a final grade on what MAY have been one of the better arcs of all time. What were the fails? What were the great moments? Let's break it down, and issue a sneak peak into what is to come! Please visit our website at for more info! Also, we would greatly appreciate you sharing the video, subscribing to our channels here and on YT, and most of all, ENJOYING the show! 

Holodeck Games and Sunday Whatever - YT Simulcast

July 25th, 2021

WARNING: This podcast was recorded in video format for the primary purpose of viewing on YouTube. We have uploaded the audio by request, but be aware, MANY references and discussions are based around visual elements, and for the best experience with this broadcast, we recommend viewing the video aspects on YT. 


Happy Sunday Commanders! As we are now between the arcs, we have decided to take a day, sit back, do some thingies, and have a lazy day. Thus, we streamed on YouTube to just have some fun, show a few things off, answer some questions, and learn a few new things. Like, about the Sarco Memorial Fleet credits! WHHHAAT? Plus new updates to and the TRUE effects of PCL and Mining officers aboard the Meridian. All this and more! Enjoy the show! 

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