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Moving Forward and Looking Back

May 30th, 2021

Hey Commanders, it's a lazy Sunday night and DJz may have things on his mind other than STFC. Like, legal fees and rules to Little League Softball. BUT we did eventually find our groove and go into a bit of detail imagining what TNG content comes next, PLUS looking back at the pros and cons from this arc and isolating some trouble spots before we issue our final grade on this arc. Please subscribe, share, and ENJOY the listen!

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Rare Ticket Review, Event Updates, and Officer Review (TNG/Mudds)

May 27th, 2021

JAM PACKED show today despite technical difficulties from Discord, but we got the info out there! Official communications from Scopely on Rare Tickets, future uses, Transporter Store updates and the Special Star Chart in your Battlepass. We also provide an update on the upcoming events, how to get your TNG keys, and how to use the new TNG officers, PLUS how to best utilize the latest Transporter Store update and what you should consider using those TP Patterns on! All this and more on today's show! Please subscribe, share, and ENJOY the listen!

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