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BgCountry LIVE Town Hall

April 28th, 2021

Today, the real world kept DJz away from the studio, but Bg Country, trusty right hand man and ever faithful cohost, decided to take the reigns and was brazen enough to skip the Stupid News. But he did gauge feedback, offer insight, and even a VERY special helpful hint to those unlocking Jaylah this week. Plus DJz drops in from the car ride home as we're giving Pass/Fail grades to the month of April. Bg hosted a great laid back episode chock full of commentary, knowledge, and strategy and we invite you to check it out! Please share, like, and ENJOY the show!

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Borg Event Summary; What Could Scopely Have Done Differently?

April 25th, 2021

GOOOOD EVENING! Tonight we begin with the actual recording of a real phone call.... yes, the wires were tapped, and we bring you the audio footage as it happened. 

Then we get to business. Borg 2021, and how it was received and HOW a simple small change could have made everything better. Plus Swarm is coming up and we give you a brief event guide into how to prepare and what you need to be ready to do each and everyday. Plus we dive into the Active Nanoprobe economy, as well as RANK the borg officers top to bottom. Who should you focus your limited active nanoprobes on? All this and more on today's Talking Trek! Visit us online at


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