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Squish Squish!!! Watch Out for those bugs!

February 28th, 2021

Community, tonight was a typical late Sunday show. Which means DJ unhinged. We began by discussing the latest CLIENT issued bugs in the game over the last 3-7 weeks with the various client updates and what we plan to do about them. We discussed which ones made our top 10 list and how we need to see these cleaned up. Plus a bit of time spent on your questions, your theories, and your ideas regarding upcoming content. And then..... beer is opened.... eek. Listen in for more of the fun, the rants, and the info provided by DJz and the team at Talking Trek! Share, subscribe, and ENJOY the listen!

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TOS Crew Testing and BUNCHIES OF MATH!

February 24th, 2021

Hey Talking Trekkers! Today, we simulcasted the show on YouTube so we could show off some mechanics and battle logs, but the conversation translates well to our radio audience. Today we focused on the new TOS officers and whether or not they are able to be deemed "worthy" of our auction materials and resources. How do they work? Are they standing up against previous Enterprise crews? How do they work and what are their specialties? All this and more in today's special simulcast of Talking Trek! 

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