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Prime Officers or Prime Borg - What is Right For You?

January 20th, 2021

Hey Star Trekkers! Great conversation on today's show included a discussion over communication in the game, not only through the official discord, but also using the in game news center. Why are announcements not made to all? Plus a detailed conversation in to HOW you should determine how to use your Battlepass Prime material. Are you a candidate for Prime Officers? Or better off spending on Prime Borg? We discuss the pros and cons, and the analytics of what you should be looking for on your account to help you decide your path. Plus we discuss Scrambled Communications, provide a hint or two (no outright spoilers) and discuss the reception of this NEW style of event! Finally, rapid fire Q&A, your questions, rapid fire answered in 5 minutes. All this and more on today's episode of Talking Trek LIVE! Please subscribe, share with your team, and enjoy the listen

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Time Stamp Markers: 

00:05:44 Stupid News
00:10:15 Thank God the News is Over
00:11:07 Battlepass Announcement/Communication Improvements
00:57:51 Commercial Break
00:59:46 Back from Break
01:00:33 Officer vs Borg; What Should You Buy?
01:26:00 Scrambled Communication
01:41:12 Rippers Corner (updates on technical features/bugs)
01:46:53 Calendar Change
02:04:45 Commercial Break
02:07:44 Back from Break
02:08:56 Rapid Fire Q&A
02:17:47 Let's Play a Game!

Latinum Mining Mechanics Revealed; TOS Officer Overview

January 17th, 2021

Hello Star Trekkers! As happens occassionally, TOO much happens in preparation for a show. Conversations run long, the community becomes passionate and polarized, and debate occurs. As the ONLY long form format of content within Star Trek Fleet Command, I feel it's our responsibility to allow community feedback, and allow voices to be heard. Part 1 ran long and was all about burning, and therefore forced us into part 2 for the remainder of the show. This show would normally be uploaded a day later, but due to containing TIME SENSITIVE data for Latinum Mining events scheduled today, we're posting both at the same time. Contained within this episode is a breakdown of the newly redesigned Latinum Mining Monday mechanics, complete with ops brackets, milestones, point values and a breakdown of the ships and their mathematical pros and cons for today's leaderboard. Plus an overview of the new TOS officers in PVP, as well as research into a mining officer NOT working as written. This and more in this part 2 of Talking Trek's Sunday night podcast. Enjoy the super sized portion of your favorite STFC podcast! 

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