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Talking In Carz with DJz: Community Questions

December 30th, 2020

So tonight was a chance to for us to catch up on community questions regarding the previous arc, the holiday event, iso-emulsion, services, and 452 other topics. This was by far an INCREDIBLE Q&A with topics ALL over the board. We had a blast, and hopefully taught a few people an item or two. Enjoy this edition of Talking in Carz with DJz as we get to your questions and discuss all things STFC. And broccoli. 


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Merry Christmas Events: Super Huge? or Ebineezer Scrooge?

December 27th, 2020

Hey folks! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Whether you celebrate ANY specific holiday or not, we wish you the best during this time, and hope that you've had the opportunity to spend time with those you love or doing things you love.... Maybe even spending some time in game running armadas with your team, or grinding reds in TygoKor, or grinding borg probes for the charged probes for the faction reputation and credits? There were several mechanics at play, and we break them down. PLUS, the loot? was it REALLY as bad as people thought? let's do some math and look at some scenarios? Perhaps Scroogely didn't pay well enough, OR.... perhaps we were unable to see the conversions that really mattered. In anycase, you have time because both the holiday store and event store are open until noon eastern on 12/29. So let's talk about it! Please subscribe, share with your team, and enjoy the listen!

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