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TC is All About the Numbers; First look at Partner in Rogue Store

November 22nd, 2020

Today on the show we spent some time talking about just about everything related to Territory Capture. A quick check of the map and services, particles, and mining nodes as we draw near to the launch of the particle events. Plus, we discuss lag and the tech improvements Scopely made this past week. It's a step in the right direction, but not all the way there yet. But one thing that we can do right away is scale a few of the events we saw this week. Plus, a message for all alliances NOT YET on the board, and as promised, the galaxy's FIRST LOOK at the rogue store at the Partner Reputation, courtesy of Bg Country! All this and more on todays' show! Please share, subscribe, and enjoy the listen! 

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Talking Trek After Party 11-15-2020

November 17th, 2020

WARNING! EXPLICIT CONTENT! This After Party Episode contains explicit language and if applicable, should not be listened to by children. 

Yes, DJz goes off. In an expletive laced commentary on RoE and how it's already complicating STFC. This community round table began with people enjoying a mechanically sound, albeit laggy, expansion. But some servers are already "policing" Origin Space. Is this a good idea? DJ'z explains why he's vehemently opposed to it, and has a message for servers trying to force their will upon all alliances in their galaxy. Don't. Be. Selfish. 

Thanks to all those who stuck around after the show to participate, and remember, his show is half foul language. Don't be surprised. 

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