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October State of the Game with Spooky Panic

October 28th, 2020

Hey Galaxy! Today's State of the Game was like none that have come before. Panic showed up ready to spill the beans on upcoming features and patches within the game. Today, he dove into GREAT detail on the upcoming Territory Capture update, and gave players some insight into how to prepare and what will be involved. If you've EVER wanted spoilers, listen to this show. Plus touching on Officer Away Missions, the Cross Server Event, Mergers, Ship Personalization and more. Panic, kudos to you bud! Visit our website for more links for Talking Trek at

ALSO, visit this link for MORE information on Territory Capture direct from Panic's Blog!


Stella Strategy; Has Been, Is Now, Will Be

October 25th, 2020

Today's show took a very odd turn, but you guys dove right in. Stella strategy. Now that we're 2 months over Stella's 3 month arc, what have we learned? Is there a better way to progress through the research? How do you obtain the particles faster? IS there truly a need for a 3rd Stella? Find out in today's in depth discussion into the infamous Outlaw ship. Plus a touch and recap on the monthly recurring Apex events, and more SDC to giveaway! All this and more on today's episode of Talking Trek. Please visit our website for all things related to the show.


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