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Gold Patrons Club 9-30-20

September 30th, 2020

Today, Rugrats, and the sheer cost of STFC. lol very related items I know. Thanks for all the love and support guys. means the world. lub u! - DJz

September State of the Game Address with CM Panic

September 30th, 2020

Hey Galaxy! Today, we have special guest CM Panic on the show to discuss the arc thus far, and what may be coming. We also ask your questions to which we got not a lot of response back. However, the issues have been raised and heard by the team and hopefully we can get some answers to a lot of these next month. However, we did have a chance to troll Panic back just a bit by testing his game knowledge (somehow I think I'm still the one who got trolled) and awarded a few players some goodies. All in all, an interesting listen even if the interview was a dodge and dance ;) 
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