Talking Trek: Star Trek Fleet Command

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Gold Patrons Club 8-30-20

August 30th, 2020

So today started with people cheering for Eve, and then, we saw an opposing viewpoint. Why is Eve different? And why are some people still head over heels for STFC? We discuss and analyze, plus dive into more detailed analytics and testing over Mudds new crew. Thank you all for your support, now and always. - DJz

Out With Arc 3, In With CoW

August 30th, 2020

Why is CoW so bad? That's the question we try to answer on today's show. Shockingly, segments of the community complained at the launch of one of the most fair and balanced events ever designed by Scopely. So let's dig into it. Plus, Arc 3 is over, and the heist loot must be spent. But on what? We offer our opinions. Plus exploring just a shade more into the new Mudd officers and different ways to use them. All this and more! Please visit our website to find all things about Talking Trek, including our new YouTube channel! Please go subscribe!

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