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If I started over today, I would do…..?

July 29th, 2020

Hey Galaxy! On today's episode of Talking Trek, UltimatDJz is.... well, not here. SOOOO special guests and community VIP's Gregor and BIIIIIIIIIIIIG Country team up to bring you the show. On tonight's episode, they begin telling you about the lessons they've learned along the way, and what to do if you're in your mid to low 20's starting fresh in this game. What ships? What mats do I save? What faction should I choose? Is there a plan for me post Ops 40 and above? What's my favorite snackfood? Later in the show we get into Alliance management, participation and how you can make your team stronger! All this and more on today's episode of Talking Trek! 


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Gold Patrons Club 7-26-20

July 26th, 2020

A disclaimer was added to the front to explain the below written disclaimer about Outlaw Research Compensation. But none the less, this ENTIRE discussion was wonderful, start to finish, on the ethics and morals and responsibilities of players, AND scopely. Thank you for your support Gold Patrons. You mean more to me than you know. 

Alight, Ladies, and Gentlemen, Freaks, and Geeks, and All In-between
I wanna announce to everyone who was in the taping for the podcast yesterday, that I Have received some breaking news regarding one of the more controversial segments of yesterdays show. We will be inserting this disclaimer into the published podcast but also wanted to let you guys know in real time of the information.
From information that we received from a top secret source, (no not Billy from accounting) our theories yesterday regarding the Elite research compensation only counting from Noon Eastern forward was incorrect, and that it was indeed counted from when the tree was published. 
For some of you, that is still leaving you in the dark regarding why you did not receive the compensation that you feel that you deserve... and my only suggestion, again, is to open a ticket with customer service (even if you  previously have), and ask NICELY, for a detailed accounting of which researches that you feel you WERE entitled to be compensated for that were not counted. New information has been presented to CS that may help them find the researches that were not counted for you before. PLEASE BE AWARE, the combat, station, and galaxy research WAS NOT qualifying research. ONLY Outlaw research was counted, and if you completed the research event DURING the event time window, additional compensation is NOT being granted. This compensation was SPECIFICALLY for players who were unable to complete the event, BUT had the required number of additional researches COMPLETED BEFORE the event actually began. PLEASE DO NOT submit additional tickets to CS if you do not fall into this bracket. The show has been published AS taped, with a disclaimer added prior to the research segment.

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