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Gold Patrons Club 5-27-20

May 27th, 2020

Thank you so very much for being Gold Patrons! In today's Gold Patron content, we get a sneak peek INSIDE the walls at Scopely with a LIVE in depth interview with CM Da OG Gala about what it means to be a Scopely Employee, the VAST scope of staff that are working internationally, and even about the decor of the building. All this and more on Today's "Day in the Life of a Scopely Staffer"

Fractured Empire RETURNS! Plus Research into a New Bug?!?

May 27th, 2020

Hello community! Time to get our Talk on! Talking Trek that is! And today we celebrate the long awaited return of the Klingon Separatist movement. How do the rewards compare? Is the event as much fun as we remember? Was this what we voted for? We'll break it down and discuss all things FE! Plus a new bug has come to light that affects SOME higher level ops players. Get the details and what you need to know to protect yourself now and in the future from this 'bug' and what you can do to help fix it fast! All this and more as we always do, right here on Talking Trek! Please share the podcast with your team, subscribe using your favorite podcast platform to get notified of future content, and most importantly, ENJOY THE SHOW! 


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