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Swarm, Franklin, Base Relocation, and My Letter to Scopely

December 30th, 2019

Hey ya'll! What a long week it was! I hope you missed the show as much as I missed you... but if you didn't... well, i'm here anyway! Today we talked about yesterday's small flub with Swarm Sunday, and how it was corrected. We also touched on the new events, how to participate, and a few other off topic items that came up. Of course, we just goofed off and had some fun, and gave away some goodies! Enjoy the listen, and of course, share and promote it with your friends and alliance mates! Thanks so much! Happy New Year!!!


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How to Grind for Dual Faction, Crews, and Ships

December 23rd, 2019

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Today we summarize all the conversation over the last 2 weeks for faction reputation. Now that locks have been lifted, BUT are coming back, how do you balance and grind for dual faction? The right AND wrong ways to do it are explained here, plus what ships to target, and what crew to use. Plus of course, as always, stupid news, and a giveaway! Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday season, no matter what you celebrate!


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