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Final Grades on Duality Pt 2; Talking Trek Gives Back!!

December 1st, 2021

It's been exactly two weeks since we were in studio with you and we had no shortage of things to talk about. DJz makes a passionate plea to the community for giving this holiday season, not only to each other, but to your local children in need. And while we (DJz) apologizes for the lengthy philanthropy segment, we remind you that we are in fact a community, and sometimes, this community transcends our video game, and we encourage you to open your hearts this season. 

That said, we did dive in to Duality Pt 2 and provided some excellent review, AND some scathing feedback from some players regarding the newly widened "ops-chasm" that we're experiencing in the game now, and ways to try to fix it moving forward. Major points of conversation included the economy, milestones and points, cloaking, Sela and Tomalak, and Territory Capture (the one dull spot on an otherwise bright month.) 

Great conversations had by all! And a very fair and valid set of grades forthcoming! Please share with your team, leave your comments on YOUR grades, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show! 

Visit our website at for our email, and write us your letters for Talking Trek Gives Back! A family in need will receive $500 from Talking Trek to bring a small bit of joy to children this Christmas! Who will win this gift? It's up to you!

What is Botting? Duality Part 2 Wrapup; What Did We Love?

November 28th, 2021

This episode was our first time back in a over a week and it was a GREAT laid back conversation with players about the events, rewards, and wrapup of Duality part 2. What would we like to see continue and what were the items MOST important to us as we prepare our final grades? Plus, Scopely shocks the community with a new limit to PVE Grinding. BUUUUUUUT, how many players does this really affect? And what are the facts surrounding the change? There's a lot of misinformation out there, and Talking Trek sets the record straight. What are the reasons behind this change? Reputation? Botting? Addiction? We explore some of these scenarios and discuss the technicalities of botting and WHY this change MAY have been the only reasonable solution, at this time. All this and more on today's AMAZING community driven episode of Talking Trek! Please share with your teams, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show! 

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