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Be Still My Borgified Heart

October 17th, 2021

Feedback regarding week 1's version of Heart of Stonn was heard by Scopely. But was the reiteration worse? Tonight we dive into the changes, the thought process BEHIND those changes, and what it means for the community moving into the future. We talk about hoarding mechanics, and how much it should OR should NOT affect your progression. Finally, we REEXAMINE our path to 4 of 10, and WHAT it will mean for players if they CANNOT finish their ultra recruit event this weekend. Is there still a path? Maybe so! All this and more on tonight's show! Please sub to our channels, share with your team, and ENJOY the show! 

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Community Suffers Sticker Shock…. But Are These SMS Bad?

October 13th, 2021

There were some clear break points in satisfaction with these SMS. For example, MOST players Ops 39 and down are THRILLED with the opportunity at a full unlock WITHOUT having to dump millions of points into an auction where they could be sniped at the last second. Players in the upper 40's view it as a sign of relief, almost a "discount" of sorts, because their auction prices would go significantly higher than Scopely is asking them to pay. However, players in the low to mid 40's, are feeling the pressure as common material walls, and the NEW adjustment for them from G3 to G4 is still in the early stages. 

Facts are, players control their own destiny. An officer has a clear and defined objective price to unlock. And unlike an auction, you know where your spend gets you. Despite early rabble about high milestones, upon calm reflection, perhaps this isn't all bad? DJz sits back and let's the community duke this one out as we turn to each corner, and find F2P wildly in favor of this mechanic, and light spenders feeling the impossible. This is a great listen and some great insight into what other players face on a monthly basis with upgrades and materials spend. Please share with your team, sub to our channes, and most importantly, ENJOY the listen! 

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