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Troi, Crusher, OEP, Mining; What Do They Have In Common?

September 19th, 2021

There's something wrong with them. <sigh> Tonight we break down for you a SUPER WIDE variety of topics including in game equivalents to Troi, why Wesley Crusher feels like hes not getting you any results, WHERE WERE MY TICKETS FOR OEP!? and the love we all have for 96 hour mining SLB. Can't even begin to tell you all the items we touched on here. This show was a wild ride, and it starts with a salute to a special segment of our community. I see you...


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Is ATA 2.0 a Locked Mechanic for September? Plus KMA Bot GOES LIVE!

September 15th, 2021

Most people can agree. Scopely design team got this one right. ATA 2.0 is beautifully designed and stimulates strategy and thought when considering how to play this new PASSIVE feature, without requiring loads of extra screentime. HOWEVER, has Scopely's monetization team/accountants gotten in the way AGAIN of a beautiful feature? Trait XP seems to be trickling in, even though it takes MILLIONS to maximize your opportunity, and AT LEAST hundreds of thousands if you focused in on one or two assignments. ALSO on today's show, TheLooter comes by to discuss the BRAND NEW Kelvin Memorial Archive tools that are now live and how they work to the benefit of the community. PLUS we discuss Troi, and other officer opportunities in the Event Store and what you should be considering when purchasing with your event store loot. Please share with your team, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the listen! Visit us online for links to YT, our support program, and our merch store!


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